ActiveDuty – Soldier’s Ball 1 (2005)

Studio Name: ActiveDuty
Director: Dink Flamingo
Stars: Amateurs
Description: Looking back over some of the videos that Cole and I have done together, I realize what an awesome team he and I make. Always seeming to know just what the other is thinking. The more attention I pay to the two of us interacting on video, the more I recognize this. This particular night proves to be no exception as we loosen Ken up and let him conduct the band. The beat moves on quickly as we all shoot the shit and I assure Ken that I have “no idea who owns this company…they just pay me to corrupt people.” Ken quickly loosens up and I leave he and Cole to chat while I make us all a drink. When I return I coax Ken into feeling Cole’s huge cock just to get a feel for it. Ken grabs on and doesn’t let go all too soon. I get Cole on his knee’s beside Ken and ask Ken to try double stroking that big cock. Cole starts stroking Ken in return. Ken says he got a lot of experience jacking cock overseas. I asked if it was his or other guys. Of course it was his. I asked Ken if he saw any hot guys overseas and he’s like “no” I told Cole I thought he was lying to us. I ask Cole to get on top of Ken and stroke their cock’s together. Johnny Cash is singing’ in the background with me and the beat moves on.

Size: 895.83 MB

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