TitanMen – Cop Shack 2: Crossing The Line (2007)

Studio Name: TitanMen
Stars: Alex Brawley, Collin O’Neal, Dean Tucker, Diesel Washington, Jason Ridge, Jon Matthews, Logan Robbins, Nick Horn, Patrick O’Connor, Scott Wilde, Steve Trevor, Trey Casteel, Leah Wilde
Description: If I had known that cops were having this much fun on the job, I probably would’ve chosen a career in law enforcement. But alas, here I sit reviewing gay porn and if I can’t join them, I suppose I should consider myself lucky to be able to watch them. Cop Shack 2: Crossing the Line has something for everyone, be it a big gay orgy, just a few guys having fun, or even a (gasp!) bisexual scene.

Size: 2.77 GB


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