SouthernBareback – Ass Chasers (2018)

Studio Name: SouthernBareback
Stars: Antonio Fields, Ari Nucci, Grayson Lange, Jackson Reed, Justin Cross, Timber Harvest, Xavier Ryan
Description: They may be good ol’ American boys, but they are Ass Chasers first and foremost, and they’re anxious to get the sexual ball rolling and get their faces jammed up between a pair of hot buns to give that ass a thorough tongue fucking. Not wanting to rush things though, these handsome studs enjoy some preliminary foreplay almost as much as the main event, as they swill cock, chew on sweet meats and test out the tightness as fingers explore hot holes. But ultimately, it’s fucking a sweet ass that they’re after and these virile guys are soon positioning themselves at the starting gate and slowly edging every inch of dick into a proffered love chute – raw and bare.

Size: 1.65 GB