RidleyDovarez – X-Mas (2019)

Studio Name: RidleyDovarez
Stars: Guillaume Wayne, Mathieu Ferhati, Matt Kennedy (II), Thiago Monte
Description: “SHUUUTTT! Listen ! It’s a magical Christmas night! Do not you hear anything? Yet we feel like an effervescence in the big city. In this new film, the elf Smegolin (Leo Rustine) tells you, at the foot of the tree and in front of a good fire, three lecherous and perverse stories of Christmas. The one of the little Guilermo Cruz who urgently calls the services of a butler at home (Thiago Monte) who will fuck him through every hole. Also discover how the sparkling Leo Rustine turned into a goblin on Christmas Eve by passing into the hands of an agent of Santa Claus (William Wayne) more perverse than ever. Guillaume will fuck Leo with his big, thick, juicy cock to which his big Christmas balls are hung. Finally, all the magic of Christmas awaits you in this 3rd part where Matthieu (Matthieu Ferhati) will discover at the foot of the Christmas tree his Matt 3000, a multifunction robot including those to satisfy all your sexual needs. Matthew’s virile cock shots will satisfy the sweet little ass and mouth of Matt Kennedy at the pinnacle of his art as power bottom role.

Size: 2.79 GB


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