RagingStallion – Timberwolves 1 (2013)

Studio Name: RagingStallion
Stars: Aleks Buldocek, Boomer Banks, Adam Ramzi, Marcus Isaacs, Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Fanz, James Jamesson, Tommy Defendi, Leo Forte
Description: Sexual animals are walking among us, Timberwolves in men’s clothing. In Timberwolves, Award-winning director Steve Cruz prepares your hole, not your soul, for the erotic possibilities in this hairy, hair-raising thriller. This forest harbors dark secrets. That might explain why the sleepy mountain village in Timberwolves posts “Missing” signs with the man in the photo warning tourists that “The end is now!” Beware because these furry studs’ sexual hunger will make you their next victim. No one can be really sure if they are next to be preyed upon, but that doesn’t keep this hairy cast from following their erotic desires for a hot fuck.

Size: 1.61 GB