RagingStallion – Chute (2004)

Studio Name: RagingStallion
Stars: Alex Brawley, Bruce Jennings, Enrico Vega, Eric Evans, Jerek, Marco Montana
Description: Raging Stallion’s Rites of Spring begin with the release of a major new film: Chute. Shot on the RSS sound stages in San Francisco, Chute is the directorial debut of long-time RSS cameraman David Hempling, and his skills as a director shine bright in this hot, erotic thriller! This movie has more hairy men than any other Raging Stallion film! It’s a hirsute hit parade of Mach-10 macho man meat that makes you wonder how hard these guys must be working to attain bodies like these–not just muscle, but ripped, lean, veiny slabs of beef that will make you catch your breath and shoot your load.

Size: 1.02 GB


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