NakedSword – The Art Of Swallowing (2023)

Studio Name: NakedSword
Stars: Andre Bedford, JJ Knight, Luca del Rey, Luka Phoenix, Matty West, Phoenix Ocean, Sonny Blonde, Travis Conner
Description: When a man has been bestowed with the title of Master Cocksucker or Certified Dick Fiend, he must regularly practice and show true dedication to The Art of Swallowing. Award-winning director Marc MacNamara has rounded up eight of these men to document their appreciation for each other’s bodies, hogs, and loads in this cum-drenched feature for NakedSword Originals. In the first vignette, a hung and fuck-ready Sonny Blonde is about to learn why Travis Connor has a reputation for being able to draw every drop of jizz from a man’s balls as the two flip-fuck and release into each other’s mouths. Next, after hearing countless stories about how Luka Phoenix has the hottest nut in NYC, Andre Bedford is making it his mission to discover if this hung stranger’s load is as large and legendary as everyone says. Just across the city, Phoenix Ocean is booking a private cooking lesson with chef JJ Knight in hopes of tasting his oversized meat, getting fucked across the kitchen counter, and eating up the cook’s creamy seed. Then, versatile jock Matty West is falling deep into a life-like sexual fantasy over gym crush Luca del Rey and imagining how hot it’ll be when they finally fuck each other in the ass and exchange their loads.

Size: 4.73 GB


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