MarcCeltik – Gamberros Del Barrio (2022)

Studio Name: MarcCeltik
Stars: Apolo Adrii, Bony Babyron, Macho Jim, Macho Serge, Nando Rey, Nicholas Bardem, Roc Barcelona, Roxas, Thiago Monte, Tyler Roma
Description: In the slums of Barcelona two rival gangs sexually confront each other, los Lobos del Norte and los Mazorcas de Oro. It is in a breathless rhythm that Marc Celtik gives us a story of hot and perverse confrontations, from the initiation of a new recruit to the hunt for an enemy to submit through juicy settling of scores, the 10 actors of this film will end up in a mind-blowing confrontation in the garden of an abandoned hotel. Get ready, the neighborhood thugs are coming.

Size: 3.94 GB


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