HotTwinks – Glazed Rookies (2023)

Studio Name: HotTwinks
Stars: Evan Zero, Kamyk Walker, Lucas Davidson, Luke Desmond, Mike Andrews, Noah Matous, Reece Bentley, Rivelli Pharelli, Ryan Sharp, Shane Hirch, Skylar West, Timo Garrett, Zack Todd
Description: It’s a fact that everyone has to start somewhere something that the folks at Hot Twinks realise can be the stunning basis of a five-star bonanza. After all, is there anything sweeter or indeed hotter than watching a collection of relative newbie’s exploring each other on camera for the very first time? That said, the likes of Shane Hirch, Jesse Jenkins and Mike Andrews might not be most experienced in terms of the industry, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what to do when it comes to performing in the bedroom (or indeed wherever the urge takes hold). Cue a fabulous array of cock-sucking, ass-breaking talent giving it all they’ve got; resulting (unsurprisingly) in a blistering whitewash of jizz getting liberally shared!

Size: 5.08 GB




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