HotTwinks – Boiling Buns (2023)

Studio Name: HotTwinks
Stars: Danny Brooks, Enrique Balboa, Kyler Moss, Preston Andrews, Reece Bentley, Reece Ryder, Ryan Sharp, Trey Matthews, Tyler Tremallose
Description: Some lads really do have butts that are hard to resist and who attract cock on an almost insane level. Little wonder, then, that they’re natural stars when it comes to porn, and there’s no question about your failing to fall in love with the likes of Reece Ryder and Trey Matthews as they strut their stuff for the cameras here. Seriously, your dick is going to rock solid right from the off, as one horny bitch after the next goes in search of the kind of action that wet dreams are made of. In the classroom or in the bedroom, it doesn’t matter. They’re just happy to be fornicating like animals time and time again, with a literal explosion of cum serving as a fitting conclusion to each and every sordid encounter that’s chronicled in Boiling Buns.

Size: 4.56 GB


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