GaySight – Torremolinos 4 Ever (2023)

Studio Name: GaySight
Stars: Dmitry Osten, Jericob, John Brachalli, Jonny Fit, Nicholas Bardem, Nils Angelson, Roxas, Thiago Monte, Wolf Rayet
Description: Six months after the events in Madrid, at the request of Thiago (Thiago Monte), Roxas goes to Torremolinos for his nomination for the Grabby’s Awards with his agent (John Brachalli) and his faithful assistant (Jericob), hosted by Nicholas (Nicholas Bardem). Everything goes wrong when John and Dmitry discover that Bony has sent his team (Nils and Jonhy Fit) pretending to be go-go dancers, determined to ruin Roxas’ appointment and take revenge on him by turning his arrival into a nightmare. Roxas instead has a great night. After Barcelona, Mon Amour, and De Madrid l’Enfer, find the third and last part of Roxas’ adventures through five scenes of very hot pure sex with an orgy of seven actors for the juicy grand finale in Torremolinos 4 Ever.

Size: 4.34 GB


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