FrenchArt – Cadinot Classics 3 (2007)

Studio Name: FrenchArt
Stars: Alexandre del Faro, Arnaud Monastier, Borys Brunof, Diego Quinto, Franck Emmanuel, Frederic Christopher, Frederic Lemaire, Guy Bourgeois, Laurent Girard, Mike Lee, Philippe Amar, Pierre Buisson, Samson Carry, Terry Lange
Description: Cadinot Classics 3 serves up two excellent French titles, both boy/boy masterpieces from yesteryear. Sacre College (Church School) is the classic French religous bonk spectacular. From the dining hall to the showers, by way of the kitchen, the medical centre, the toilets or the dormitories during afternoon rest time, these boys are chasing others in short trousers. The lads inhabit a horny world of their own, where one-on-one friendships are very intense – and very sexy! Charmants Cousins (Becoming Men) shows what can happen if you get your train timetable wrong. In the attic, or down in the stables, and indeed all over the farm, hot young bodies are meeting and coupling. One game of strip poker climaxes with a remarkable demonstration of self-sucking. All in all, two hours of classic Cadinot frolics – a must-have for lovers of young gallic manhood up to naughty things!

Size: 1.76 GB


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