FrenchArt – Cadinot Classics 2 (2001)

Studio Name: FrenchArt
Stars: Ange Dominique, Christian Lepage, Claude Varga, David Roch, Diego Quinto, Felipe Gambas, Jacques De Rives, Jean-Claude Gill, Jean-Paul Deval, Lorenzo Ponti, Medhi Araya, Raphael Carter, Stephane Bremer, Sydney McKenna, Tony Allessandri, Tony Weber
Description: Yes, you get all four of these full-length, sexually, sizzling classic movies from the master of all-male erotica. Beautiful, desirable men with nothing on their minds except stroking throbbing hard, cum-pumping dicks, and probing the tight, aching anal depths of some of the hottest guys on the planet. And you’ll get the four separate features plus a twenty minute special bonus included with the four movies. It’s Cadinot at his hottest.

Size: 1.67 GB


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