FetishForce – Play Date (2023)

Studio Name: FetishForce
Stars: Colton Reece, Derek Kage, Drew Valentino, Quin Quire
Description: Only the most obedient and cock-hungry men should be invited to a Play Date with handsome stud Colton Reece, and director Jasun Mark knows exactly whom to include. After all, it takes a specific crew of fetish fuckers to appreciate Colton’s specialized dick appointments. Sporting head-to-toe leather, Mr. Reece first greets Quin Quire by shoving his gloved fingers down his throat before flogging the sub until he’s finally deserving of penetration. Then – and only then – will Colton use his bareback meat to fuck Quin’s ass until he’s completely drained and the bottom’s insides are coated with his cum. When Derek Kage is tied down with his cock in a cage, Colton joins with Drew Valentino to tease, zap, and attach clothespins to the sub’s vulnerable body until his bound balls are turning bright red. After a metal sounding rod is pushed through Derek’s dick slit and both Drew and Colton have successfully fucked up Derek’s grateful hole, the dom duo prepares to shoot a fully-loaded facial to mark the end of their down-and-dirty Play Date.

Size: 3.94 GB


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