CorbinFisher – CF Crush: Brent (2018)

Studio Name: CorbinFisher
Stars: Ben, Brent, Connor, Ryan, TJ
Description: It’s hard not to love CF Crush: Brent – he’s got a big, thick cock, sculpted muscles, and the kind of versatility that we look for at Corbin Fisher. In this installment, Brent fucks TJ and Ben, flip-flops with Ryan, and takes Connor’s huge dick, really showcasing how talented he is in whatever sexual situation he finds himself. He exudes not just physical intensity, but this intense passion that takes the scope of his appeal above and beyond just “getting off”. Whether topping or bottoming; or whether matched up with a veteran or breaking in a newbie, Brent’s always puts everything he has in to what he’s doing and make it a truly amazing performance.

Size: 3.26 GB


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