BareTwinks – Kneeling Down (2023)

Studio Name: BareTwinks
Stars: Alex Morgan, Andy Scott, Casper Ivarsson, Dom Ully, Evan Novak, Greg Noll, Jerome James, Jesse Evans, Joel Vargas, Richard Hicks
Description: They’re in the prime of their lives, and are determined to make the very most of the fact in Kneeling Down. Lads like Alex Morgan, Jerome James and Richard Hicks, who love nothing better than to get naked with their mates so that they can enjoy each other’s hard, throbbing joysticks. Smooth, sweet, and each as horny as fuck, they can’t wait to dive into each other’s crotches to delight in the pleasures that are to be found there; gobbing away on all that hard, young flesh like it’s the best thing in the world. Which in fairness it almost certainly is. No question about it, these boys don’t hold back for a moment when given the chance to savour the ultimate pleasure; sucking and riding cock with the kind of gusto that surely only young men can give.

Size: 4.33 GB


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