BarebackCumPigs – Hunk Loads 2 (2023)

Studio Name: BarebackCumPigs
Stars: Billy Warren, Champ Robinson, Dolf Dietrich, Gitano Silva, Hans Berlin, Jota Palma, Marc Angelo, Will Price
Description: Gitano and Jota came up to us and wanted to show us what they could do. We never turn down two hotties willing to fuck for us. Watching Gitano and Jota get better acquainted was hot, especially with Jota on his knees sucking Gitano’s big dick. We’re always surprised when a top decides to bottom. But, hey. Who are we to ask questions? Especially, when the guy who wants to bottom is none other than tattooed muscle hunk Dolf. Hope Billy is up to the challenge. We didn’t know that Will had been looking forward to getting fucked by daddy Marc for a long time. Will is powerless as Marc has his way with him, and that’s how Will likes it. Champ and Hans have big dicks. They both prefer top, bareback fucking, and hungry power bottoms. Luckily, Hans has always fantasized about chowing down on Champ’s big cock in Hunk Loads 2.

Size: 3.89 GB

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