AllWorldsVideo – Oh, Brother (1997)

Studio Name: AllWorldsVideo
Stars: Eric Hamilton, Jason Thompson, Jay Anthony, Jordan Austin, Nicholas Karlyle, Nick Angelo, Peter Andersson, Rod Barry, Vic Hall
Description: This loosely plotted film keeps it in the family, as a couple of “step-brothers” get naked with one another! These four shorts are very erotic and present a lot of attractive, well-hung men. Ross Franklin also stars and his boyish charm, good looks, and perfect body combine to almost top the brothers! The plot features the brothers sucking, fucking and rimming, and later bringing a couple of tricks home with them in the evening for more of the same, times two. The climax of the video finds the brothers alone, turning natural love into lust as they fiercely fuck each other. Also features cocky yet sexy Gian Carlo.

Size: 2.81 GB


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